Happy Days at Happy Day Hostel and Guest House

After a splendid two nights surrounded by rice fields, Reena and I returned to the heart of Bali’s tourist area. We avoided Kuta and opted for a place in Seminyak called Happy Day Hostel and Guest House.

We were expecting to book into a dorm room, but the hostel staff suggested we stay in a one-bedroom apartment instead. The price per person for the apartment wasn’t too much more than the dorm room, and after seeing the place, how could we say no?

The one-bedroom apartment was huge, especially since there were only two of us. It had a full kitchen, living and dining area and patio. Located to the right of the entryway was a full bath. Best of all, the air conditioner blew cold! It felt like we were staying at an expensive vacation home and not at a hostel.

The staff at Happy Day Hostel and Guest House were really nice and very friendly. When they saw us, they asked how our day had gone or suggested things for us to do.

After Reena left, I stayed there for another week but moved into the dorms. The dorms were clean and spacious and the air conditioner ran all the time (unlike at some other hostels). I was able to do a load of laundry (by hand as they don’t have a machine) and the staff even shared their lunch with me one day. I had a nice time at Happy Day Hostel and Guest House and would stay there again.

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Dancing the Night Away at Cafe Havana

After dinner with Carolyne, Reena and I strolled around town and ended up at Cafe Havana. Reena loves to dance, especially the salsa, so we just had to go in and check the place out.

In addition to food and drinks, Cafe Havana offers live music and Latin dancing all night long. All members of their staff – from the servers to the kitchen – are trained to dance and enjoy strutting their stuff with customers. You’ll never have to worry about not having a partner because there will always be someone with whom you can dance.

Another cool thing about Cafe Havana is that they offer dance lessons every night. Don’t worry if you don’t know the difference between the salsa and the cha-cha or have two left feet like me. The staffs are happy to slow things down for you and give you some pointers.

While we were there, the live band played a variety of upbeat music. It got people out of their seats and dancing, which I guess is the entire purpose, and this created a lively and fun atmosphere. While I’d probably be too intimidated to go to a Latin dance club because I lack any type of dance experience, Cafe Havana’s relaxed and welcoming attitude made learning to dance very appealing. I’d definitely urge you to visit them if this is the kind of nightlife for which you’re looking.

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Kebun Bistro and Friends

Sometimes it’s just nice to spend a night out with the girls, so Reena and I got all dressed up and met Carolyne at Kebun Bistro in Ubud. I’d met Carolyne my first night in Bali and we’d kept in touch throughout our travels. Even though it had only been a week or two since I last saw her, it was still great to reconnect and catch up on what she’d been doing.

We got an appetizer and dinner at Kebun Bistro along with some drinks, then spent the night chatting away. The conversation never stalled despite our being acquainted for just a short time. It seems to be this way with many people you meet on the road.

We were lucky that Carolyne even made it for dinner as she had felt ill the past few days and wasn’t capable of leaving her house. She was renting a small flat in the rice fields outside of town, so I guess that’s as nice a place as any to recover. Luckily, I haven’t experienced the awful bouts of nausea, vomiting or diarrhea that most travelers go through when they’re in a new country. It’s extremely common when you’re not used to the food and hygiene standards of the country you’re visiting.

But, the food at Kebun Bistro was delicious. Everything seemed freshly prepared and tasty enough that you didn’t need to add a thing. The burger was juicy, the mushroom ravioli was creamy and the fish was tender. I think we all left with our bellies full and our hearts content.

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