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Street Art in Krakow

As if the street art in Warsaw weren’t enough, the stuff in Krakow blew my mind. Some of the art is genuine street art, done on the sly when no cops are around. The city commissioned other pieces so they were done legally, but that did not diminish the quality at all.

I love how the art is temporary and ever-changing as you can see in some of the photos. But, the art can still have an impact on its audience even as it is crumbling or fading away. I also love that sometimes the art is politically charged and socially aware of the commentary it’s creating. Other times, the art is fantastically whimsical and light-hearted in a child-like way.

Krakow’s street art really opened my eyes to new mediums of street art. The artists used different materials to create their designs in addition to the spray paint. I also noticed many techniques, including stenciling, stickers and the use of wheat paste to glue items to the wall.

Whether the piece is large or small, the creativity found within Krakow’s subculture is pretty sweet. Juxtaposed against the historical Old Town, the art seems to have an even deeper significance. It amazed me that a city would allow this type of thing to continue. I mean, I loved it, but most city officials probably think it’s crap (unless they paid for it of course). Despite being such an old place historically, Krakow is uniquely modern in other ways – progressive even. If you ever get a chance to visit, I would definitely recommend that you take the free walking tour and learn more about the city’s street art and history.



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Street Art in the Praga District

Just a quick post of some street art in the Praga District. It’s definitely interesting to find such huge murals in the older section of the city, one that has many original buildings. But, I guess this area is also the “alternative” area, the “dangerous” area where tourists shouldn’t venture alone. I don’t really know how true this is (especially during the daytime), but I guess this is where you’d find this type of art. It was a nice surprise.


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Melbourne Street Art

There are some amazing examples of street art in Melbourne. They are so popular that the specific locations are often marked on tourist maps. You can also find a listing at the city of Melbourne’s website.

The murals vary in size, theme and meaning so I think it’s worth spending a few hours walking around the city to explore them all. Most designs are colorful and bold, but there are some that are more intricate. One of the popular alleys is covered top to bottom with street art, including the rubbish bins.

I think this is a wonderful way to give talented artists places to display their work. Not everyone is classically trained or interested in conventional art gallery showings. For this breed of artists, Melbourne’s streets are the perfect canvas.


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