I’m new at blogging and traveling, so I welcome any and all advice you may have. Maybe my posts are too long-winded and not focused enough? Maybe I should upload more pictures? Maybe you’ve got female-specific travel tips to share? Or perhaps you will be in the same city as me and want to grab some food? Whatever it is, I’d like to hear it. Hit me up at skycastles808 (at) gmail (dot) com or just leave me a comment. Can’t wait to hear from ya!


One response to “Contact

  1. Suzanne Kashiwaeda

    I shouldn’t have given away my Lonely Planet Australia book. I’d like to plot all the places you’re visiting. I’ll have to put Australia on my bucket list to go again and for longer! You go Girl! Way to spread those wings and open your mind to possibilities! So many connections re the land/environment to native Hawaiian & Japanese culture…that was my impression, too. Can’t wait to see the photos. love, a. suzanne

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