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Celebrate Good Times C’mon

Good times always begin with great food and amazing company, and I’m starting to learn that Marta and Tina always have an abundance of both. They invited me over to their apartment to celebrate with them and Marta’s parents, and we all had a wonderful time.

I soon discovered that the generous spread on the table only consisted of the starters. Salads, cold meats, cheeses and many other delicious creations had me stuffed before the main course even arrived. There was so much food and only the five of us to finish it.

Since Marta’s mom was there, she made some traditional Italian food that I was able to try. I brought some sparkling wine that added to the fun of the night. All in all, a good time was had by everyone. I’m so lucky to have such great friends!


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Pelican Capital of Australia

The Entrance, located several miles north of Copacabana Beach, is known as the Pelican Capital of Australia. The large birds (they’re really, really big) attract tourists from all around the world, and many continue to return to the area for years to come.

Every afternoon a council official feeds the pelicans as they congregate on the jetty. During the feedings, the official assesses their physical conditions to make sure that they don’t suffer from any injuries. Sometimes fishing hooks pierce their beaks, necks, feet or other body parts or they become tangled in fishing line. If this happens, the official captures the bird and attends to its injuries. In most cases, the pelicans return to the wild on the same day.

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Copacabana Beach Holiday

When Marta’s parents came to visit for a few weeks, she invited me to join them for a weekend at Copacabana Beach. Located on the central coast of New South Wales, Copacabana sounded like a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. As I had nothing better to do (I had declined a job offer at one restaurant and hadn’t heard back from any others yet), I gladly accepted her offer.

After driving for several hours, we finally arrived in the general vicinity of Copacabana. Marta rented a house overlooking the beach, but it seemed that the GPS led us astray. It took us to a street with the same name but one that did not have the correct street numbers. In fact, the street number we were looking for didn’t exist!

Chucking the GPS directions, we referred to the written instructions that the house’s owner sent via email. It turns out the house was in a completely different cove down a tiny road that led to a handful of houses that clung to the side of a small hill. We missed the tiny lane and had to stop for directions a handful of times until we finally got it right.

In the end, the frustration was worth it. The view from the home’s balcony was amazing. The home itself was large and had three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large living and kitchen area. After a short break, Marta and her parents decided to find the nearest grocery store and stock up for the next few days. Tina and I happily took a little siesta at the house.

The following morning we drove to Avoca Beach, a touristy little beach town  a couple of miles up the coast. Marta and her parents were content to lie on the beach and soak up the sun while Tina and I wandered through the shops in the area. The seaside town is really small and it didn’t take long for us to see it all.

To curb our hunger and kill some time, Tina and I picked up some fish and chips and had our lunch by the ocean. The salty smell in the air only encouraged our hunger. But like many fish and chip shops, the portions were huge so we had some left over chips to share with the dozens of seagulls in the area. They appreciated our generosity very much and fought among themselves for the best morsels.

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