Aloha and welcome to Me, My Pack & I! My name is Dorian, and this blog chronicles my experiences as a solo female traveler as I make my way around the world learning about new cultures, trying new food and meeting new friends.

The travel bug bit me late in life, and 2011 was the first time I traveled alone overseas. Being born and raised in Hawaii, even the five-to-six-hour flight to California to visit relatives was a big deal. Hawaii is tremendously isolated and that is both its saving grace and its curse. In my teens, I managed to make it over to Florida and the Bahamas on a family holiday, but most of my travel experience focused ar0und the West Coast.

In April 2011, I embarked on a year-long career break that lasted more than a year. Little did I know that this adventure would spark a love for travel and would propel me toward a second round-the-world journey.

Join me as I continue to experience what the world has to offer and embrace a new love for life that I couldn’t quite achieve by following all of society’s conventional paths. I’ve learned that sometimes you have to blaze your own trail toward happiness, and this is what I am doing one day at a time.

Mahalo (thanks) for stopping by and happy reading!


9 responses to “About

  1. Kenrick Yagi

    Sent you a farewell msg via your gmail address. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures via this blog. Take Care and LIVE!!!

  2. skycastles

    Is that an order? How can I deny you such a request? Will do! lol

  3. Jamie Spencer

    I am so Excited for you and Look forward to your upcoming adventures! Take care of yourself and LIVE like you’ve never Lived before..

  4. Definitely a great motto to have and I’ll try to live up to it 🙂

  5. lulubelleNYC

    Thanks so much for the follow and the great comments you’ve left on my blog! I’ll definitely be reading up on your New Zealand adventures if I ever get around to going!

  6. Rayni

    Great great great!

  7. This is so much fun. I’m going to add you to my sidebar so I can visit again and see where you are.

  8. Ah, Hawaii. Paradise for those of us that visit; claustrophobic to those who live there. Fun blog ; our story is different but you might like it http://www.experimentalexpats.com

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