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Bound for Nihon

Before I knew it, my flight to Japan was upon me. I took the LRT to the KL Sentral, the main bus terminal, and then caught an airport bus directly to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport‘s low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT). It was all a bit hectic and a new experience  for me but I planned for plenty of time if there was a detour or longer route about which I didn’t know.

When I arrived at the LCCT, the mass of people and sounds overwhelmed me. The chaos overloaded my senses as there were so many people (travelers, hawkers, vendors, taxi drivers, shuttle buses, etc). Having checked the night before, I already had my boarding pass on my phone. I just needed check my bag in and wait for my flight. I picked up two chicken burgers from Marry Brown – one to eat and one to take on the plane. Then, it was a matter of sitting and waiting for my flight.

The Air Asia flight to Haneda Airport went off without a hitch. I enjoyed the old school procedure of walking on the tarmac to board the plane and not through a breezeway. I’m not sure if this was due to the airport’s layout or if the plane was too small for a breezeway. Still, it felt like a novelty to walk out to the plane, even though the heat was sweltering.

Not surprisingly, the plane was full. I suppose the prices were just too good to pass up. On my left, I met Kelvin from Penang. He was traveling with his family to visit his sister in Tokyo. Sarah from New Zealand sat on my right and was just backpacking Japan. We were all excited to arrive in Nihon and explore the country.

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