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Is this a Multiple Choice Test?

To prepare for my trip to Japan, Voon and I went to her local grocery store for supplies. I needed some snacks for the plane because I booked with AirAsia, a budget airlines that didn’t include meals with your ticket.

As I browsed around, I came across something that made my jaw drop. Searching for some shampoo, I had stumbled across the feminine hygiene section and saw sanitary pads bundled together into books and attached to the shelves. Was this some kind of multiple choice test?


The books were obviously sample products to tell shoppers of the options they had for their sanitary pad needs. However, I just found it to be completely hilarious.

Judging by the wide-ranging brands and styles, I guess girls might need help deciding which one to use. It sure seems as though Malaysians know how to deal with any kind of menstrual flow that’s out there. Interestingly enough, there were definitely more pads than tampons for sale, and I didn’t find any sample tampon books. I wonder what, if anything, that means?


After finding so many “manuals,” I had to take a closer look to see if they really helpful. After a few minutes of browsing, I must admit that they were. They gave you the true size and texture of the pads so you didn’t have to guess. Each brand had its own bible, if you will. It was just incredible.


I know that each country has their own way of doing things and that it may not be the same as my home country. But, this bible of pads is honestly the most surprising and amusing difference I’ve come across thus far. It had me laughing for ages and ages afterwards.


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