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Random London Landmarks

In my aimless wanderings around London I managed to find some of the most random areas and landmarks purely through happenstance. Sometimes this is the best way of discovering a city.

After passing a rather large sports stadium where people were gathering, I stumbled upon Abbey Road, a famous Beatles landmark. Not being a fan, the street looked like any other street I’d walked along and I almost passed it. The small groups of people taking photos of a zebra crossing was my only clue that this was something special. As I stopped to watch people cross back and forth, I finally realize where I was. Apparently, reenacting the album cover photo is the thing to do. It’s a bit difficult when you’re traveling alone though so I had to settle for scenes of the crime.

Next up on my London walkabout, I came across a nice little area with canals and houseboats. It was lovely and reminded me of Venice or Amsterdam (not that I’ve been to either place yet, but I will one day). It must be nice to live aboard a boat as it probably gives you a real sense of freedom. At a moment’s notice, you can be on your way to a new adventure.

I also found a wonderful little garden that overlooked an area where the canals converged. Despite the cold and rain, the flowers bloomed cheerfully. I wanted to sit and just enjoy the atmosphere but the cold was starting to get to me so I couldn’t stay long. I guess I should’ve been grateful for the good weather I’d had during the earlier part of my trip. I was really being indoctrinated to the London lifestyle now.

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