Tallink Overnight Ferry

After a few rainy days in Stockholm, I booked an overnight ferry to Tallinn, Estonia. I was expecting a ferry akin to the ones I rode in Thailand, but these European monsters were more like cruise ships.

I shared a room with an older American woman and a businesswoman from Tallinn. The four-bed room was pretty small. The bathroom included a cramped shower, toilet and sink. I was amazed at how everything fit together.

The ship’s amenities were many and expensive, but this is to be expected. Even though this was only an overnight cruise, there was food, live entertainment and spa facilities. I chose to spend some time watching the sun set and taking in the wonderful waterways. The natural beauty of this area is breathtaking.

By 10 p.m. I  tucked myself away in bed. The sun was still out and wouldn’t set for hours. We docked early the following day, so I preferred to get a good night’s rest. Not having originally planned to go to Estonia, this will certainly be an adventure.

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