Drunk and Disorderly in Sweden

Hostel life is unpredictable at times, and it takes a certain kind of person to roll with the punches. But, nothing surprised me more than when two women pushing 60 entered my hostel room in Sweden. It wasn’t their age that surprised me but their demeanor.

The first woman wore a feather-like scarf, sparkly black dress and skyscraper-tall heels. The other woman, who was physically disabled and used a walker, wore a splashy-colored blouse and trousers. Both wobbled as they entered the room but for two different reasons. The woman in the dress claimed she was a caretaker for the other woman, but she was stinking of alcohol. I could smell it even though my bed was across the room from her. It seems like they might have had  a few before checking into the hostel.

After causing a bit of commotion in the room with their entrance and outburst about the room’s condition (which was pretty good compared to others I’d stayed in) there was a knock on the door. The next thing we know four Swedish cops are on the scene and trying their best to sort out the situation.

The woman in the dress was clearly inebriated and started getting angry about being questioned. Unfortunately, the dialogue switched from English to Swedish so I have no clue what was going on. After about 45 minutes, it seemed like the cops had things under control and the women left the room. I have no idea if the women moved to another room or if they were evicted. But, the cops said the women were not being charged with any kind of crime. I guess Swedish cops are just neighborly like that.

Who would’ve thought that my first real run-in with the law would be in Sweden? Sweden? Really?



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3 responses to “Drunk and Disorderly in Sweden

  1. Nothing like a little adventure (on an adventure) to make it memorable 🙂 Fun post as it really does give the feeling/meaning of backpacking and never quite sure what is going to come along and cross your path.
    Safe travels ~

  2. Often you assume it’s the younger travelers who go a bit overboard with the drinks, but this experience turns that theory on its head

  3. Yes, yes…I did think that was a bit bizarre 🙂 Happy trails, and as always be safe! Cheers…

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