Chillin’ in the Ice Bar

When I visited the Icebar with two friends I met in Stockholm, I happily donned the over-sized poncho-blanket and thick gloves. The temperature inside the bar is negative five degrees Celsius. Having lived in Thailand and Indonesia for the past few months where the temperatures hover around the mid-30s, negative five is a shock to the system.

The experience is cool, no pun intended, but a bit pricey. Each admission fee pays for a drink and 40 minutes inside the bar. Everything inside the bar is constructed out of ice taken from the Torne River in northern Sweden. The walls, tables, seats and actual bar top are carved from this ice. Even the glasses from which you drink your free alcohol are made of ice. During your allotted 40 minutes, everyone chills out and snaps cool photos. The lighting inside the bar creates a hip ambiance.

This is probably one of the most touristy things I’ve done so far. It’s something you do once in your life and probably never do again. I guess I can scratch this off my bucket list.


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