Bye Bye Bangkok, Bye Bye

It looks like my time in Asia has come to an end as I sit on the train bound for Suvarnabhumi Airport. In a few short hours, I’ll hop on a plane to Stockholm and Bangkok will be left behind.

Even though a 12-hour flight will separate me from Thailand, I’ll have many memories to keep me company. Despite the rough start, I have to admit that the country has grown on me and that I’ve had a wonderful time here.

In some ways, Thailand is definitely a backpacker’s haven that has called to wandering travelers for decades. I believe you can still find authentic people and places, even if it might be difficult to identify at first glance.

Many travelers say the Thai are friendly and generous people. I’d have to agree with this assessment for the most part (tuk tuk drivers are another story). The staff at many of the hostels and guesthouses I visited were warm and welcoming. They went out of their way to help when they could, but mostly they provided you with the space you need to relax and totally unwind.

Even though I’m excited to finally experience Europe and catch up with some friends, I’ll admit that I’m sad to leave this part of the world. This simply means I’ll have to make my way back here one day . . . hopefully soon.

So long Thailand. Until we meet again.


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