Border Patrol

As part of the Chiang Rai tour, I spent a bit of time at the northernmost Thai border in Mae Sai and watched as vehicles made their way into and out of Myanmar. I felt like I was an old woman watching traffic go by outside my window, but I suppose with traffic like this it would be an exciting day. 

Like all border towns, this one was bustling with activity. There were street vendors calling out their wares. Some shops played loud music to attract patrons. Every time you walked by, shopkeepers solicited you to come inside and look around. They were even offering wine tastings by the roadside to get you to buy a bottle or two.

Swarms of people swirled around me en mass, but I’ve been in-country long enough to have acclimated to the chaos. In fact, I was even starting to enjoy it. The heat, however, is something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to, even as far up north as I was. The humidity just zaps your energy from you, and I’m beginning to think this could be the leading cause of why Thais are so small in stature. Anyone bigger could not sustain living here and probably died off throughout the years leaving only the petite and svelte.


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