Chiang Mai by Day

Chiang Mai by day is completely different from it is at night. I decided to check out the town and see what it’s all about. Many of the temples were open to visitors and worshipers, so I decided to go inside.

The statues and floral arrangements that decorated the temples were amazingly intricate and lovely. Everything was gold with red accents. Life-size statues of prestigious religious figures adorned one area inside a temple, and while I was there several people made offerings to them.

I enjoyed the solitude and peace around me, but I suppose most religious sites of worship have a similar ambiance. I admired the architectural design, inside and out, and wondered at the hard work and talent that it must have taken to design and build such a structure.

After spending many weeks lounging on sandy beaches, it’s nice to take in a bit of history and culture. I only wish there were more English-language signage and descriptions of important artifacts so I could learn even more about this intriguing culture.


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