Chiang Mai Night Market

My next stop in Thailand was Chiang Mai way up north, so I took a flight from Ko Samui and was there before I knew it. I took a taxi from the airport to my guesthouse and saw my first cat cafe. The guesthouse’s lobby doubled as a small cafe where four cats lived and played. I could already tell that I was gonna love this place.

Upon the suggestion of one of the receptionists, I decided to check out the famous Chiang Mai Night Market. I picked up a map and set off for a stroll through town. Despite staying outside the ring road, the walk was pleasant enough and I enjoyed seeing what daily life was like.

By the time I arrived, the night market was well on its way. Rows and rows of stalls lined the streets for blocks. It was insane how many people were there. Even though I can’t really buy any souvenirs to take home, I enjoyed the festive atmosphere and stopped to browse at many stalls. Vendors sold food, jewelry, art, clothing, handbags, handicrafts, electronics and more. Among the hundreds of vendors, majestic temples stood watch in the background.


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