Girls Night Out in Ko Samui

When the sun goes down in Ko Samui, all the party people come out to play. Despite feeling over-the-hill (more me than Franzi), I headed out to explore the nightlife in Chaweng Beach. Together with Franzi, I might as well enjoy a bit of a Girls Night Out.

To start the night off right, Franzi and I headed to Henry Africa’s on Soi Green Mango. The drink specials were pretty good and the atmosphere seemed okay. There were several pool tables going, so if that’s your thing you’d definitely want to be here.

The bar’s patrons appeared to be older foreign expats who often frequented the place as the waitresses seemed to know their names. When fresh meat walked in (for once I’m talking about guys), the Thai girls sidled up and got their flirt on.

As I watched the scene unfold, I felt uncomfortable for both parties. Sure, girls need to earn a living and working at a bar (and all that entails, especially in places like this) probably makes them a decent wage. But, it still made me uneasy to see 30-, 40- or 50-year age gaps between male patrons and female staffers.

Another awkward scenario is when guys just want to get a drink. They’re unlikely to find it here as the girls swarm around before they can even place their orders. After a bit of touchy-feely action, the guys end up buying the girls a drink. Once that happens, I seriously doubt they’ll make it out without dropping more cash.

Our next stop was Ark Bar, a place that’s reputed to have a lively nighttime vibe. I’m pretty sure we got there too early, even though it was after midnight already, because the music wasn’t as pumping as I’d heard it would be.

The crowd was considerably younger and hipper though, so Franzi and I took a seat on some pillows that surrounded a Thai-style table near the pool and ordered a drink. As we people watched, we saw many of the same people who had lounged through their hangovers earlier in the day.

In the end, we headed back to Soi Green Mango and checked out the clubs that lined the lane. Most of the places played t0p 40s, dance and techno music. One place, my favorite, actually played some decent hip hop and R&B.

But, the largest venue of all was The Green Mango Club, which housed two huge rooms of music. The place was packed and people seemed to be having a really good time. The music wasn’t that bad in the end, or maybe the drinks I’d had earlier were finally beginning to work? In any case, I’m glad I came out with Franzi because we ended up having a good girl’s night out.


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