Lazy Days at Chaweng Beach in Ko Samui

After such an arduous journey to reach Ko Samui, I finally arrived the following day and was happy to see the place. I comforted my growling tummy by having a bite to eat at an old favorite – Nando’s. Somehow seeing this New Zealand staple in Thailand calmed my scattered nerves.

I messaged Franzi to tell her I had arrived, but she was already lounging on the beach somewhere. I walked around the area and checked out the shops. It was your typical beach-side fare so nothing really caught my eye. I noticed that there weren’t many tourists about, but I suppose the heat kept most people indoors or near a decent-sized body of water.

For the next few days, Franzi and I spent our time at Chaweng Beach. The water was shallow, like most of the beaches in Thailand, and there were plenty of coral formations that didn’t make for easy swimming. People congregated in the scattering of sandy spots just trying to cool off. Some tried their hand at tossing a football around, but the humidity kept activity to a minimum. Mostly, Franzi and I people watched  and our entertainment consisted of those trying to sleep off their hangovers on the beach loungers or those flaunting it as they walked up and down the beach. Either way, it was pretty amusing.


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