Snorkeling Trip from Ko Lipe

While staying on Ko Lipe, I took a day trip out to several snorkeling spots at surrounding islands. Our group only had seven people plus the captain and his friend, so it was an intimate group on the long-tail boat. What a cool way to discover Thailand.

This snorkeling tour from Ko Lipe has to be one of the best things Thailand has to offer. Forget the night life in Bangkok. Forget the full moon parties. Forget the buckets of alcohol. Give me the sand and the sea any day.

I don’t even know the names of the places we visited, but the scenery above and below the water was stunning. Most of the water around Thailand is so clear that you don’t need to go too far before you find a huge school of colorful fish. Another great thing about the sea life in Thailand is that the fish aren’t afraid of swimmers. Even when you’re in the shallow water, fish dart in between your feet.

We visited a few different areas that displayed Thailand’s diversity. One island consisted only of smooth black rocks. Another looked large enough to support a tropical jungle. A third provided us with amazing corals and brilliantly colored fish.

I especially loved being at sea. The constant blaring of the motor was annoyingly loud and jarring in the beginning, but it quickly faded into the background and became part of the experience. As the long-tail boat cut across the water, we bounced a bit on the waves created by the wake of other vessels. The salt spray in the air relaxed me.

Seriously, all in all, this was probably one of my best days ever.


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