I Found Love on Love Lane

The 80’s Guesthouse on Love Lane in George Town, Penang is truly filled with love. Jon and Farah, who often work the front desk, really make you feel welcome, but when Jon brought some of his friends to work, I knew I was in love.

You see, Jon breeds all types of reptiles and introduced me to a corn snake and a chameleon. My heart skipped a beat when I saw these beautiful creatures. The corn snake was particularly wonderful with its bright orange and cream markings.

When Jon informed us that they were safe to handle, I quickly called dibs on the tangerine beaut. She was really docile and appeared to love being handled. According to Jon, she was just a baby and still had more to grow. However, I doubt she’ll ever be as big as an eastern carpet python like Pandora.

Reena enjoyed the chameleon, who reminded me of Pascal, the animated chameleon in the movie Tangled. The chameleon was more active than the snake and it was fun watching her walk along Reena’s arm.

I think it’s very safe to say that I have not outgrown my love for snakes since leaving Australia. In fact, the limited access I’ve had to them has probably increased my fascination and desire for them. It’s unfortunate that snakes are prohibited in Hawaii or else I’d definitely think about getting a scaly pet.


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