Ko Pha Ngan: Days without a Full Moon Party

I spent several days on Ko Pha Ngan and enjoyed every minute of it. Unlike during the days leading up to and the night of the Full Moon Party, the island felt completely deserted.

I booked into a bungalow without air conditioning because, of course, those were sold out. It came with a double bed, an overhead fan and a fan attached to the wall, so the air circulated and it was comfortable. The room was spacious and had an attached bathroom. The bungalow was made of wood with a thatched roof, a perfect interpretation of everyone’s tropical dream house (said sarcastically by a girl born and raised in Hawaii).

The nearest beach was only a few minutes away from my accommodation (although the nicer properties are directly on the beach), so I spent a great deal of time lounging on the white sand. Interestingly enough, there didn’t seem to be any waves or currents in the water, and the water was so shallow that the temperature was always as warm as bath water.

I stayed along the west coast of Ko Pha Ngan in Haad Yao, which was away from the main town. It was a nice change from the manic motion you find in Bangkok at all hours of the day and night. It was relaxing to hear nothing but the sound of the wind.

The most exciting thing to happen to me while on Ko Pha Ngan was a green tree snake fell off one of the nearby coconut trees and landed a few feet away from me. He looked as shocked to be on the ground as I was to see him. After he got his bearings, he quickly dashed to the closest tree and up he went. But, after living in Australia for a year, it would take more than a green tree snake to discourage me from soaking up the sun.


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2 responses to “Ko Pha Ngan: Days without a Full Moon Party

  1. It was truly a magical time!

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