A Bit of Pampering in Ubud

Rembulan Beauty Salon & Spa on Jalan Hanoman in Ubud was like a sanctuary from the madness of the crowds and a retreat from the heat. After sightseeing in the Bali sun and a restless night at Sana’s house, we were all desperate for a little pampering.

Caroline was quickly lured away by the spa’s various massage services while Reena and I opted for more cosmetic pampering with some hair treatments, manicures and pedicures.

The entire process took several hours to complete, but at the end we felt like new women. At home, I’m not really one to go to spas and get facials. I don’t see the need to take rose petal baths or be covered in mud masks. But, I may have to reconsider this after my experience at Rembulan. When we were done, I felt utterly relaxed and, dare I say, blissful.

Even though I knew we were returning to Sana’s home and the living conditions would be the same as they had been on our arrival, I felt like I could handle it now after such a relaxing and rejuvenating spa day. In addition, the prices at Rembulan were extremely reasonable and the service was excellent. Perhaps we’ll return again during our short stay in Ubud just to relive the experience?


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