Exploring Ubud

The next stop for Liam and I was Ubud in central Bali. This area of the island is known for its artistic and cultural pursuits. It is also full of wellness services, such as hair and nail salons, yoga classes and massage therapy. Art galleries and shops selling jewelry are also abundant.

When we arrived in Ubud, we quickly found a guesthouse that suited our needs. We didn’t have a booking, but this time the walk-in method worked out well. The room was spacious, clean, provided breakfast and, most importantly, had air conditioning to combat the heat.

After settling in, we had a wander around the town. The architecture of some temples were amazing. The figures commonly found at roadside altars were stunning. This reflected the high level of skill and craftsmanship of people in this area.

When we could no longer stand the sun’s relentless rays, we took refuge in a small café and got something to drink. Stepping into the air-conditioned shop was a bit like heaven. Who would’ve thought that something as simple as a cold drink and a cool room could feel so good?



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4 responses to “Exploring Ubud

  1. So good to read this post! I’m going to Ubud at the end of the month and I couldn’t be more excited!

  2. That’s wonderful! Hope you enjoy your time there 🙂

  3. hey there! I am loving your recent posts! I also blogged about my bucket list of what to do and where to go in Bali. ( so excited to go there next week! ) Question: Anything that you could add on my list?

    here’s what my recent post is all about:


    Would love to hear from you!

    Deanna ( http://www.talkaboutbeauty.co )

  4. Hey Deanna. Thanks for your comment. I replied on your Bali post. Have a great time on your vacation!

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