Life’s a Beach in Bali

After a rocky introduction to Bali, Liam and I decided to treat ourselves to a bit of luxury. We woke up to a delicious breakfast at the hostel and planned to discover the beauty of the island.

Little did we know, the blazing sun and suffocating humidity would be our constant companion throughout the day as we walked along the beach from Seminyak to Legian and Kuta. We stopped for lunch somewhere in Legian and ended up spending a couple of hours there using their free wifi. It was just to hot to be out in this weather. The temperatures finally began to cool around sunset, so we found a nice place on the beach and stopped to have dinner.

We started off with drinks as we watched the sun dip lower in the sky. The colors in the sky were pretty incredible. We did some people watching and chatted about our travels. Soon it was time for dinner, and I was delighted to be in Asia where rice dishes were plentiful. I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed the stuff until it was everywhere.

After the meal, we moved down to the colorful beanbags that littered the sand in front of the restaurant. We listened to the waves and the live music that floated in on the breeze. It was truly relaxing with beanbag service so you never had to get up to order a drink. I felt like I was living the life of a celebrity and soaked it up for as long as it lasted.



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2 responses to “Life’s a Beach in Bali

  1. Listening to Eat Pray Love and I’m book 3 where she goes to Bali. Your photos make me want to go!

  2. Finding Bali a bit too touristic for me to be honest. I’m sure there are other areas in Indonesia that might be better for me.

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