Eating Banh Mi in Hot, Hot Darwin

When I arrived in Darwin, which is located in the Northern Territory, I knew it would be hot but didn’t prepare myself for the conditions. Compared with the breezy, cool temperatures in Melbourne, it felt like Darwin was trying to smother every living thing with its thick humidity.

Even though it was hotter than hell, I still wanted to do a bit of exploring so I ventured outside of the CBD in search of the weekend market. A relatively short bus ride away, I found a local market selling mostly food items and second-hand treasures. There were heaps of Asian food stalls selling all kinds of delicious-looking snacks. After a few circuits around the food area, I finally decided on a banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich, and a fresh fruit smoothie. Delicious!

As I sat in the shade and ate, I wondered how people could really survive up here all year long. Today’s temperature wasn’t extraordinarily high for the region, but I was melting. To think that it could get hotter blew my mind. The blazing sun plus the high humidity quickly drains all of your energy. How people can even function in this weather is an insane to me. People up in the Northern Territory must be from good stock and able to withstand all that Mother Nature throws at them.

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