Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne

Even though I have no room in my backpack for more stuff, that doesn’t stop me from checking out Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. It’s supposed to be filled with all kinds of fruits, vegetables, souvenirs and clothes.

When I arrive, I visit the produce, meat and seafood sections. It’s chock-a-block with people trying to pick up their weekly groceries. The prices here seem better than the big chain supermarkets so I can understand why people would rather get their fruit and veg here. The selection of fresh meat and seafood seems extensive and is likely a better priced than the supermarkets as well.

However, I was a little disappointed by their clothes, electronics and souvenir sections. Everything looked like it was imported from overseas and not handmade by local vendors. Many of the items were not unique and sold at several booths. This side of the market was very touristy and I didn’t really enjoy it. Despite this, I still reckon the Queen Victoria Market is a place to visit while you’re in the city.



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2 responses to “Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne

  1. QVM is great. You should check out the night market on Wednesday.

  2. Thanks but I found out about it too late. Missed it 😦 Just another reason to come back someday.

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