Melbourne Street Art

There are some amazing examples of street art in Melbourne. They are so popular that the specific locations are often marked on tourist maps. You can also find a listing at the city of Melbourne’s website.

The murals vary in size, theme and meaning so I think it’s worth spending a few hours walking around the city to explore them all. Most designs are colorful and bold, but there are some that are more intricate. One of the popular alleys is covered top to bottom with street art, including the rubbish bins.

I think this is a wonderful way to give talented artists places to display their work. Not everyone is classically trained or interested in conventional art gallery showings. For this breed of artists, Melbourne’s streets are the perfect canvas.



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2 responses to “Melbourne Street Art

  1. There were definitely a heap more out there and some that I couldn’t even find despite being marked on the map 🙂

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