Wine on Waiheke Island

Despite all the time I spent in New Zealand during my first trip, I never got around to visiting one of Auckland’s nearby islands. After leaving Balclutha, I decided to give Waiheke Island a go. Waiheke is famous for its many vineyards, and I thought why not spend a sunny day with the grapes?

It was easy enough to catch a ferry from downtown Auckland over to the island. The weather was fine, which made the ride very pleasant. The ferry pass also allowed me to hop on local buses to get from place to place. However, they didn’t go into the vineyards so sometimes it was a hike to get to the tasting rooms. But, the walk usually took me through rows and rows of grapes.

After a few tastings, I hopped on the bus and headed over to the beach to relax for a bit. It was empty considering it was a sunny day with blue skies. The only people around me were other tourists.

Before long it was time to hop on the ferry and head back to the mainland. Waiheke Island is an easy day trip from the city and makes you feel like your miles and miles away.

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