Cruising in the Catlins

Another day out with Marilyn and Shawn finds us stopping at a small coffee shop with these curious creatures grazing at the pasture out back. I don’t know if they’re alpacas or llamas, but they’re both still babies and they’re incredibly cute.

After oohing and ahhing over these cuties, we hit the Southern Scenic Route looking for our next adventure. We decide to have a look at Cathedral Caves, which turns out to be a wonderful decision. After a short walk through native forests and across the beach, we stand inside a cavern with incredibly high-ceilings. The caves are only accessible during low tide.

Our next stop is Curio Bay, where there is a fossil forest that is easily viewed at low tide. Millions of years ago, a forest flourished in this area. After several volcanic eruptions cast debris over the forest, the trees were turned into stone. Today you can see remnants of the forest amid the tide pools.

After a wonderful day out, we head home but stop at the local Chinese restaurant for some takeaway. A quick and easy dinner, the three of us are happy to plant ourselves in front of the tv for a night of movies or more episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

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