Lake Tekapo Thunderstorms

On our way back to Baclutha, Marilyn and I detoured to Lake Tekapo. As we approached, the weather began to take a turn for the worst. What was once blue skies turned grey. Dark clouds threatened rain, and the air chilled us.

But, like the troopers that we are, we pushed on. The area is too amazing to miss, and despite the cold we still wanted to see it. The last time I visited this area, it was the middle of winter and snow covered the distant mountain tops. There was no snow this time, but the water still extended forever and ever.

I think the darkness of the approaching storm added an ominious feeling to a normally tranquil place. I kinda liked it. While trying to pose for pictures, the wind whipped against us and threatened to topple the camera. But, just like us, many other tourists were determined to get a good shot, especially of the Church of the Good Shepherd. This church was built in 1935 and builders were instructed not to disturb any of the rock formations or plants in the area. The stones used for the building were sourced from within a five mile radius and could not be chipped or altered in the construction of the church.

As we continued home, we made a quick stop for some photos and that’s when the skies opened up above us and let the rain down. It was a good thing we were on the move, heading south and away from the storm. We crossed the Mackenzie Plains, which seemed to extend for miles. The vistas were breathtaking and seemed otherworldly. Flat plains stretching for ages with tall mountains capped with snow in the distance. Only New Zealand can have such dramatic environments.

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