Adorable Akaroa Town

Akaroa is a great little town on the Banks Peninsula that’s got an interesting French vibe. Marilyn and I had a few hours to kill before our amazing penguin excursion with Pohatu Penguins, so we took a walk around the bay. The weather was great once again and made our time in the town really enjoyable.

Then we joined the tour and went off-roading for even more marvelous views of Akaroa Harbor and the bays surrounding the town. It was amazing to see the expanse of the land and sea. The tour included a night’s accommodation in a cabin, a bush walk through Tutakakahikura Scenic Reserve and an evening penguin spotting tour. We’d also learn about the past and current conservation efforts as well as get to see some penguins in care. We were beyond excited, especially since we missed out on the dolphin cruise up in Kaikoura.


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