Christchurch Botanic Garden

I decided to take a stroll through Christchurch Botanic Gardens on one of the many sunny days I experienced in Christchurch. After all the urban destruction I saw in the CBD, it was nice to take in some nature and get a feel for why Christchurch is called the Garden City.

The garden was in full bloom with heaps of beautiful blossoms everywhere. The sun was out making the walk a bit warm but nice. The Avon River meanders through the garden, and I often saw people floating along in punts (flat-bottomed boats). It seemed like a nice thing to do as you got to relax while a guy pushes you along with a long pole.

I found a nice clearing surrounded by tall trees and spent the afternoon there reading a book. It was nice to do something normal again as opposed to hitting tourist site after tourist site. I forgot how long the days are when you’re so far from the equator, so despite the late hour it was still sunny when I headed back to my hostel for the day.


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