Reunited Through Football

Back in Mareeba, Mo, a volunteer at Brindle Creek Sanctuary, and I made a pact to watch a football match together down in Sydney. We weren’t sure if any games would match up with our schedules, but we definitely wanted to catch one if the fates were kind.

Well, lucky for us there was a match between Sydney FC and Newcastle Jets the week that Mo was on his way home to Martinique via Sydney. Allianz Stadium at Moore Park was a quick bus ride away from the CBD. We turned up, hopped on and arrived in no time.

The stadium looked pretty big to me, but I’m not sure whether it was normal-sized or not. Unfortunately, the size of the crowd wasn’t as impressive. Being the hometown team, I’d expected lots of support for Sydney. But, I suppose football (soccer) isn’t as popular as rugby league, rugby union or Australian rules football is in this part of the world.

When the game began, we snuck into the special fan section. It was more lively and happening than our original section, and no one seemed to mind us joining in on the fun. Despite the lackluster showing in the rest of the stadium, the fans were clearly here to support their boys. I got a taste of what it would be like to see a “real” match in Europe and can’t wait to see the real thing.


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