Batch Burgers and Espresso

Now that I’m back in Sydney again, I met up with Marta and Tina at Batch Burgers & Espresso, an American-themed diner-like restaurant, to try out their food for Tina’s blog called Street Food Galore.

The place was tiny with just a few stools around a bar table and a couple of bench seats outside on the pavement. If you sit at the bar, you really got to see the action unfold as your burger or hot dog is made in front of your eyes.

Due to the limited seating, Batch was bustling and the atmosphere surrounding the place was alive. Tina got a hot dog and I got a hamburger, both of which were good. However, as with all ketchup (or tomato sauce in Australia) in this country, the one served at Batch didn’t taste right to me. Australian ketchup is sweeter than the normal American ketchup despite the package and branding being the same. Still, they did get the large portion size spot on, which all good Americans can appreciate.


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