Back to the City

After a week in Toowoomba, it was time to say goodbye to Yvonne and all my new friends. I caught a bus back to Brisbane and a flight down to Sydney, where I planned to look for a job and work for the rest of my working holiday visa.

I arranged to rent a room from a Japanese family in Crows Nest, so I headed there directly from the airport. It would be nice to be in a real home and not returning to shared dorms.

The family had three young boys all of whom were very active and rambunctious. On my first night with the family, they cooked me a multi-course welcome dinner. It was a mixture of east and west. Conversation was interesting because the family didn’t speak much English.

My room was off to the back next to the boys’ room, but that wasn’t a problem. I shared a bathroom with them as well so there were a lot of toys and things around. Outside of my room was a tiny balcony, but the view was of a busy street. All in all, it would be a nice place to lay my head for a while and compared to other prices around Sydney it was a steal.

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