ANZAC Memorial Room

Shirley and Trevor McIvor, authors of Salute the Brave and Yvonne’s good friends, invited Yvonne and I to their home for tea on one of my last days in Toowoomba. I also browsed through what is one of the most incredible private collections of war and space memorabilia.

They have set up an ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) Memorial Room in their home to display all types of original, replica and model items from the war. From guns to tanks, bullets to swords, the room is chock-a-block full of anything you could ever want. They have military patches, medals and pins framed along the walls. I didn’t know where to look first. Trevor tried to describe everything to me, but it was just too much information for me to comprehend. I’m sure a history buff would topple over if they caught sight of this place.

The McIvors also have a significant collection of space and NASA memorabilia, including signed photos of many astronauts. Model rockets and space shuttles overflow on the shelves. It’s truly a remarkable collection!



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