Japanese Garden in Toowoomba

Ju Raku En, Toowoomba’s Japanese Garden, is located on the campus of the University of Southern Queensland. Lucky for Yvonne and I, her friend Tom volunteered to shuttle us around town for the day, and we were treated to some amazing views of the garden.

It was a bit disorienting to find this garden in the middle of Queensland. Who would’ve thought eh? Once we stepped foot inside the garden walls, I instantly felt peaceful and serene. I guess the garden’s mojo was doing its thing.

I enjoyed our stroll through the garden over little red bridges and through different foliage. There was even a section that was a bamboo forest. It was a fine day and families with young children sat under trees and had picnics. There was even a photo shoot of some kind going on at one end of the gardens.

I wish we could’ve stayed longer but the heat was rising by the time we made a complete circuit of the grounds. And the sun in Queensland burns! So we quickly hopped back into Tom’s car.

One of the best things about having friends overseas is being able to see and experience life as it’s lived by locals. Yvonne introduced me to so many of her friends and took me along to different activities she had. The woman is extremely active and participates in so many groups. I can only hope to be just as involved when I’m her age . . . but somehow I think that’s pretty unlikely as even at this age I had a difficult time just trying to keep up with her.


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