Toowoomba Revisited

Back in 2011, I made a short detour to Toowoomba to meet up with Yvonne for the weekend. This time around, I had more time to spare and visited for a week. And what a whirlwind week it was!

I took an early flight out of Cairns to Brisbane, then booked a bus to Toowoomba. From the bus station, I jumped in a taxi and headed to Yvonne’s house. Her warm greeting and smiling face when I arrived were just as welcoming as I remembered!

We spent the afternoon and evening catching up. So much time had passed since we last saw each other, and in that time, so many things had happened. I probably talked her ear off about my experiences volunteering at Cassowary Coast Wildlife Shelter and Brindle Creek Sanctuary.

The following morning we took a trip up to Picnic Point and enjoyed the beautiful view and all the jacaranda trees in bloom. Everywhere you looked, purple flowers gently swayed in the wind. The temperature was mild and the company outstanding. What a way to begin my week in Toowoomba.


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