Maremmas at Kewarra Beach

Mick and Mack, two Maremma sheepdogs kept at Brindle Creek Sanctuary to protect the joeys and other wallabies from dingoes, snakes and human hunters, were up for their usual veterinary appointments. Despite being pups, these brothers were massive and already weighed around 45 kg each. Each visit to the vet brought a surprise as they kept packing on the weight. It was always fun to guess how many kilos they gained between visits.

After the doctor’s appointment, Halina wanted to take them to Kewarra Beach, which is a bit outside Cairns. The boys had never been off the Sanctuary’s property except to go to doctors appointments, so it was wonderful to see them react to the ocean and sand.

Despite having a large tub-like pool back at the sanctuary that they used often, Mick and Mack were very apprehensive about the ocean. The gentle ripples frightened them and they barked half-heartedly at it as the water rose and fell. It took heaps of coercion on Halina’s part to even get them into the water. This, of course, had to be done one at a time as one person couldn’t be expected to handle two freaked out pups at once.

After about a half hour, the verdict was that both dogs didn’t necessarily take to the ocean and would need more visits to acclimate them to their new surroundings. Halina promised them both that they’d come back real soon, but I think the boys were happy to head home.


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