Day Trip to Kuranda

Halina and I took a break from all the wallabies one day to attend a nearby arts and cultural festival in Kuranda. Unfortunately, we arrived too late and most of the exhibits were closing for the day. However, we made the most of our downtime by exploring the town and river.

Kuranda is a quaint, almost hippy-ish tourist town that I found charming. It was small and seemed like a good place to base yourself if you intended to stay in Far North Queensland for a while. It’s far enough away from the nightlife in Cairns but close enough, if you know what I mean.

The day was beautiful with blue skies and bright sun. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot though. Halina and I had a nice time just chatting about anything and everything. She decided to get a haircut and I had some Vietnamese food while I waited for her. It was a nice day out.


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