Man vs Nature

The battle between man and nature continues. Spectacled flying foxes have roosted in a Cairns CBD tree for many, many generations, but complaints by a neighboring hotel has encouraged the local council to take action to remove them.

Wildlife enthusiasts have vehemently protested this action citing their importance to the local ecosystem. They also condemn the way such an eviction will occur and are concerned about inhumane methods of culling and threats to young pups.

The longer I am in Australia, the more I am made aware of such polarizing issues within the community. It feels like a man vs. nature conflict pops up every week, and, sadly, nature is most often on the losing side.

With such an unbelievable success rate, there is no doubt in my mind that humans will continue to dominate until nature ultimately submits to our will. By then, it will be too late to reclaim any semblance of balance, and all we will be left with is some variation of a post-apocalyptic world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to me that Australia (and many other places around the world) is looking toward the future, and the current trend of using and abusing nature will continue.


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