Life’s Magic Elixir

The more time I spend with these wallabies, the more I realize that the simplest pleasures in life are actually life’s greatest joys. Humans take this for granted in our constant search for the next best thing in the rat race of life. We overlook what’s really important in our endless quest to be better than the next person.

If we took a lesson from wallabies, we’d learn that happiness can be found in a warm bottle of milk or being cuddled by someone you love. While watching them drink their bottles you see the passion with which they live. They earnestly guzzle down the milk like it’s a magic elixir holding life’s secrets.

It doesn’t matter that they’re old enough to have grass, macropod pellets and sweet potato. They are still crazy for their milk. It’s not something they’ve outgrown. It hasn’t become too boring or common for them. They love it just as much now as they did when they were young joeys.

Can you honestly say there’s anything you love now just as much as you did when you were younger? I can’t even think of a single thing. That’s how disillusioned I have become. But, being with these animals has really opened my eyes to all that I have missed.

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