Bush Fire Danger

In Australia, the threat of bush fires is a constant worry. Preventative measures are taken to decrease the damages should a sudden fire spark, but huge fires have swept parts of the country and have laid waste to everything in its path.

It is a constant struggle to stay one step ahead of a possible spark. You never know when something could start a blaze. Many times the grasses are so dry that the heat from a vehicle’s exhaust pipe can start a fire. Other times, more criminal natures are the cause.

Recently, a fire started near the Brindle Creek Sanctuary entry gate. It’s a few kilometers away from the actually shelter, but it caused a bit of a concern nonetheless. Out in the bush, a small fire can turn into an uncontrolled blaze in minutes.

Luckily for us, Hazel’s sons saw the smoke from their property and came to investigate. Hazel owns the large cattle property next door as well as the land on which the sanctuary sits. The fire brigade arrived to check out the situation as well. Both decided it was time to do some maintenance around the property by creating fire breaks in the land.

Fire breaks are purposefully lit fires that eliminate fallen debris and dry grass before a forest fire occurs. The fires are carefully controlled and aimed to burn themselves out once they consume all the leaf litter. I saw a lot of this while traveling through Australia, but I’ve never been so close to one before. The amount of fire and smoke is insane.

During the fires, the wild wallabies and kangaroos scatter far and wide. It’s their natural instinct to run. But, our younger wallabies are too small to be set free and were kept in their enclosures. You could see the panic in their eyes and their behavior. We did the best we could to comfort them, but I’m sure all parties were happy when the ordeal was over.


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