Mama Mary

As Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home,” and apparently this also applies to wallabies too.

Mary has visited us regularly these past few days. We find her waiting patiently on the doorstep of the donga, and when we open the door, she ambles in like she owns the place.


After briefly checking the kitchen for any leftover pieces of sweet potato, she turns left and heads for Darryl’s room. She isn’t afraid to make herself at home. She promptly hops on the bed and takes a siesta.

When Mary came back on the second day, Darryl started worrying that she was ill. But, after a quick check of her tummy, he learned she was with joey. Pregnancy, I assume, is a traumatic time for any female regardless of species. Returning to a place that’s familiar and safe is reassuring and calming.


You see, Mary is one of the hand-reared wallabies Darryl released at Brindle Creek Sanctuary. It’s one of the few places she can call home. And during a time of vulnerability, she’s come back to a place of shelter.

These animals never stop amazing me. I learn something new every day I spend with them. Some may think macropods are dumb or that they simply follow the mob without thinking. Mary, and many others, are proof that this is false.

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  1. Mary sounds like a darling. Her trust and loyalty are heart-warming.

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