Because You’re Never too Young for a Nana Nap

Despite being a relatively young chap, Zack definitely loves his nana naps. I often find him sprawled atop the hay in this portacot near our donga. He seems so content and relaxed.

Zack is from the group of wallabies Darryl released before I arrived. He’s old enough to spend nights outside as part of the mob but hasn’t truly become wild yet. I’m not even sure if he’s left the property to explore the national forest behind us as he always seems to be hanging around the donga or enclosure. Perhaps he’s just a smart guy and prefers a bit of luxury to roughing it?


Zack frequently shows up at our morning and evening feeds hoping to blend in with the babies and get a bit of milk. He never pushes his way to the front of the queue though. He’s quite happy to wait it out to make sure milk doesn’t go to waste. If, by some miracle, the bubs leave a half-full bottle, it always goes to Zack. It’s more for comfort than necessity, and I assume it’s like a human baby who doesn’t want to give up a pacifier or stop sucking its thumb.

Even though I wasn’t around to help raise him, Zack is social and friendly toward me. I’ve discovered that some wallabies, especially the females, can be a really conniving. They’re only friendly when they think you’ll give them some sweet potato. But, Zack is nothing like that. He enjoys a feed as much as the next wallaby, but he’s also happy to get a good neck or belly rub.


It’s no surprise then that he’s managed to become one of my favorite wallabies at Brindle Creek. Zack has such a pleasant personality that I don’t think he’s alpha material, but you never know. And if he’s not, well, that’s okay too.


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