Intruding Cows

National forests surround Brindle Creek Sanctuary on one side and the vast pastures of a cattle property on the other. Every once in a while we get visitors of the four-legged sort who mosey by and stir up a bit of trouble.

When the cattle decide to pop over for a visit, the wallabies often head for the hills. There’s never a confrontation and the cattle don’t threaten the wallabies in any way. It just seems like the wallies don’t care for the company of these big brooding brutes.

I, however, have a soft spot for them (and that’s not only because I love me a good steak). These lumbering giants with their enormous eyes and extra-long lashes tug at my soul. They lounge underneath eucalyptus trees swishing their tails to keep the flies away. They “moo” and “moo” and “moo” as if they’re singing.

Some say they’re dumb (and, to be honest, I’m pretty sure they are), but there’s a quiet beauty about them that perhaps emanates from their simplicity. In this age of information overload and constant media coverage, this lack of knowledge of anything but your immediate surroundings is something of a luxury.

Few people can actually disconnect from life when life is constantly pinging updates from around the world. Life becomes a frantic race to do more, see more and be more. Maybe we should take a lesson from the cattle and slow down? Take a sip of water, swish your tail and enjoy the day.


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