Surprises at Brindle Creek

Every day brings a new surprise at Brindle Creek Sanctuary. Today a juvenile goanna visited, and on a short bushwalk around the property, Halina and I saw some huge termite mounds.

When Halina saw the goanna, she quickly jumped into action. She waved her arms and shouted at it to make sure it continued on its way and didn’t get near any of the wallabies lounging in the area. The goanna didn’t seem at all bothered by her though. It continued on its way at a leisurely pace.

Later that afternoon, Halina and I went for a quick walk behind the donga. The creek back there was pretty low at this time of the year. However, all around there were big termite mounds. In this area, these gigantic mounds are a pretty common sight.

Interestingly enough, we also spotted dozens of wallaby tracks in the area and specific trails on which they seemed to often travel. Some trails led from the river up to Brindle Creek and others led farther into the bush.

It was good to see evidence of the wallabies exploring in the area. Hopefully, many of our soft-release wallabies were among them and were learning the ins and outs of being wild.


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