Wallaby Food for Thought

Food is a big deal around this place. Like clockwork every morning and afternoon, wallabies make their way to the various feeding stations set up at Brindle Creek to stuff their faces full of macropod pellets and sweet potato. They eat with passion and fervor like all foodies across the world.

Some of the wallabies are wild ones just looking for an easy meal. Other wallabies were released on the property and are completely independent but have not gone bush yet. They hang around Brindle Creek where they feel safe and have not ventured too far away. At some point though, they will head out on their own to find their new mob.

Many of the females released here return when they have joeys. It’s a safe place for them and their young where they know there will be enough food and water. Some of these girls are very mature while others are first-time mums.

When mothers bring their young to the sanctuary, they teach them that Brindle Creek is a place of shelter. This knowledge is passed from one generation to the next, and many carers have seen injured wallabies return for help. Some carers have even witnessed released wallabies bringing their wild friends in when they are injured.

During the twice daily feedings, Darryl checks on the general health of the animals who come in. Sometimes the wallabies have injuries, like a limp or a cut, that he keeps an eye on. Normally, these things sort themselves out on their own. However, if it becomes a serious problem that threatens their health, Darryl will find a way to intervene and take the wallaby to the vet.

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