Brindle Creek Sanctuary

My next adventure in native wildlife caring and rehabilitation was at Brindle Creek Sanctuary run by Darryl and Halina in Mareeba, Queensland. Brindle Creek is another pre-release/soft-release site that takes in all types of animals in need. While I was there, we primarily cared for agile wallabies and I was given the delightful task of raising one orphaned eastern grey joey.

Similar to Jowajilla Wildlife Refuge, Brindle Creek is ideally situated away from heaps of development, traffic and people. A national forest, banana farms and vacant paddocks surrounded the large property. It is many kilometers from the main highway and there are few residents in the area. Located about 20 to 30 minutes from town, it is close enough to civilization to fulfill your needs but easily feels like the Australian bush. This situation is perfect for reintroducing hand-raised macropods to the wild.

Adding to the bush feel is the donga accommodation in which I lived. A donga is a simple dwelling that reminded me of a kitted-out shipping container. Powered by solar panels during the day, at sundown electricity is run off a generator. The living situation was quite basic but enjoyable. The donga had a landline, satellite tv and internet, but our mobile phones were useless as there was no signal reception.

Brindle Creek felt like a peaceful escape from reality. While I was here, my job was to help out with morning bottles so that Darryl and Halina could get to work at a decent time. I also took care of the older wallabies by giving them sweet potato and macropod pellets as well as mucking out their pen. During the day, I bottle fed the little ones as needed and just spent a lot of time with them.

After work, Darryl and Halina would return home for the dinner feed and I’d update them on how the wallies spent their day. I loved sitting outside in the afternoon and watching the wallabies eat and interact with one another. Brindle Creek Sanctuary is an incredible place and I was happy to help out in whatever way I could.


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