Call the RSPCA Hotline and Save a Life

Everyday eco-warriors are making a difference in the lives of so many animals. It’s essential to call the Queensland RSPCA’s wildlife hotline (1 300 ANIMAL) when you see wildlife in need. They will dispatch a qualified wildlife carer who can quickly be there to help you.

A family holidaying in South Mission Beach were on their way to the beach when they came across an adult wallaby on the roadside. The mother, Samina, phoned to report seeing movement in the pouch. She thought a joey may still be alive inside but was unsure what to do.

When Tanya and I arrived at the scene, we found Samina and her family surrounding a young female wallaby beside the road. Tanya checked the wallaby, but she had already perished from her injuries. It was obvious that she was a victim of a car strike, which is so common in the area.

Next, Tanya checked the female’s pouch for the live young. The joey was little but fighting to live. She had a few nasty-looking scrapes and her legs and tail weren’t very responsive. We feared she may have broken her back or spine in the accident and needed to get her back to the shelter for a more thorough exam. We quickly thanked the family and named the little joey Samina after her savior.

Back at the shelter, Tanya treated Samina’s injuries to combat infection and gave her a dose of pain killers. Samina’s main issue continued to be her unresponsive legs and tail. But, Tanya couldn’t find any broken bones and hoped it was only swelling around the spine that was limiting Samina’s movements. Tanya decided to keep Samina under observation for the night to see if any mobility returned.

Over the next few days, Samina’s condition improved. She gained full control and movement of her legs and tail. The car strike didn’t seem to affect the way she functioned at all, and she continued to grow stronger.

Without the help of human Samina and her family, wallaby Samina would never have had a chance to live. A simple call to 1 300 ANIMAL, can change the fate of an animal’s life. Who knows how long Samina would have been left in her mother’s pouch before someone noticed her? On her own, she would have starved to death or been killed by a predator. Thanks to Samina and her family, this joey will grow up to be wild again one day.


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