Yummy in the Tummy

Who doesn’t love a good feed? Patch never turns down his tucker of mixed fruits and fruit juice.

We also took in a second spectacled flying fox by way of Roddy. We retrieved him from a tree in someone’s backyard. The woman who called said he seemed ill and hadn’t moved for a few days.

Upon closer inspection, it appears Roddy has somehow hurt his wing and is unable to use it. However, after a few weeks with us, he is slowly beginning to use his bum wing again. This is really encouraging! With a bit more R&R, we’re confident that Roddy’s wing will heal up and that he’ll be returned to the wild.

Patch is taking a bit longer to recover from his injuries. His wings have obvious holes in them from his encounter with the barbed-wire fence. But the smaller tears are beginning to close up, and it’s only a matter of time before everything is back to normal for him.


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